ICS OT Cybersecurity, Made Simple

Automate Cybersecurity for OT Systems and Industrial IoT Devices with a Real-Time, AI-Driven Cloud Cyber Threat Detection Platform In Any Facility Size, Small Or Big

Cybersecurity for OT ICS Community

Julie is an AI-driven platform that provides automatic cybersecurity and real-time asset visibility for 

industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology (OT), IoT devices and SCADA systems

CYBER Monitoring

Vulnerability Visibility and Threat Detection

Real-time network scan providing enhanced visibility of vulnerabilities and threats with Julie’s automated AI-based cyber threat detection.

OT Network Monitoring


Discover Every Device On Network

Identify and classify all the connected devices on network to create a secure environment as Julie seamlessly maps and provides information about every device on your IT, OT and IoT networks.


Compliance Friendly

Julie’s cybersecurity specialists manage compliance programs with end-to-end support. 

Compliance Management Dashboard

How Julie Security Works

Probes analyze live data and transmit results via the encrypted channel. Julie’s cyber-specialists view the real-time status of the AI-driven signature and anomaly detection alerts, and managers track security scores trends in the Dashboard

Why customers love us

We have you covered with state of the art technology and our professional team


No upfront investment is needed. Julie Security's pay-as-you-go pricing model fits any size customer.


No upgrades and maintenance are required by the customer - continuous, predictable, and automatic service.

Cyber Response

With Julie Security, your organization is backed by OT Cybersecurity specialists to mitigate facility threats for you.

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