Good Girl Julie!

 Julie Security wants technology to be accessible to anyone and everyone. But more importantly, we want to offer peace of mind that users can be safe using technology.

Our passion for making technology safe and accessible inspired us to create Julie Security, named after our beloved dog. Julie has been our safeguard for many years, and we created Julie Security to be a cyber-watchdog for your facility.


Our team is composed of industrial cyber experts who develop and innovate world-class solutions to make ICS/OT and IoT secure for industrial machinery, manufacturers, buildings, utilities and end users. 

“Did you ever think why dogs just love being on a watch? This is because they are the best guards!” 

Maxim Borovkov, Founder & CEO @ Julie Security

What We do

Julie Security is your trusted watchdog for operational technology (OT) and IoT (Internet of Things).

Julie adds protection by connecting ICS/OT and IoT networks to AI-driven threat detection and mitigation platforms, giving you access to network asset mapping and ICS risk assessment, while providing insights through real-time monitoring, and empowering facility management.

About Us Mission

Protect your facility with Julie Security