Case Study – Industrial Facility

Cybersecurity for Industrial Facility

Julie Security helps protect against Cyber-attacks on ICS Operational networks and maintain a secure operation.


  1. Gain visibility into the network and all assets.
  2. Detect and alert on OT & IT cyber threats.
  3. Anomaly detection.
  4. Continuous monitoring.
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  1. Use of unauthenticated or unencrypted protocols.
  2. A vulnerable version of Rockwell controllers
  3. Vulnerable software of switch.
  4. Inbound and outbound connections to the internet on the operational network.


  1. Use of secure versions of the protocols.
  2. Deploy Firewall rules.
  3. Network Monitor and traffic analysis with Julie Security Intrusion Detection.
  4. Update Firmware on the main switch.
  5. Blocking and restricting communication to the internet for devices.
  6. Avoid lateral movement of attackers to the rest of the network of hackers by segmentation of the networks.

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